Single Guns Available on 26th October.  20% Reduction in our normal rates.    Please contact us for more details.....

"We had the pleasure of shooting at Clovelly in January 2020.

It was a joy, from start to finish. Wonderful drives, fantastic woodland and glorious birds, the beating and picking up teams were efficient, hard working and almost invisible !.

You have made it very difficult for other shoots get attention.  Please send our sincere thanks to your team."


Nestled in the rugged beauty of the North Devon coastline, Clovelly is  a shooting experience that's quite unlike anything else.

Full Team Dates :

10th November           Sold
16th December           (300  bird day)

13th January              (250 bird day)

Single Guns :

1st December             (300 bird day) 

£1,500 per gun + vat


Please email us and we will place your name on our list  for any available guns that may become available and also let you know if we add in any further dates...



t: 01805 603550
m: 07974 951388 

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